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Article Game
  • Handmade
  • Materials: felt, plastic, resin, metal

  •   •To make the child aware of the function of the article, the Article Game provides the child with the opportunity to practice reading. Through the Article Game the child becomes aware of the definite and indefinite articles and their functions also preparing the child for later work in grammar. Ages 4½ to 5.

    Set includes:
    * 12 various objects, some of which are single [e.g. the grape], and some are in groups of 3 [e.g. a cake] The objects in these groups are similar and not identical.
    * Two sets of prepared cards: one with the names of the objects and the other with the definite or indefinite article written on them. The child can work with the material using the prepared labels. Durable, waterproof labels.
    * A wooden storage box to hold all the objects (optional)

    And you will need scissors, strips of paper, red pencil and a pencil in the presentation, which are not included in the set.

    Please note: Items may vary from those shown.

    Article Game

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