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Object and Card Matching

    Materials: paper, resin

  • 🦓 Classified Cards is a typical Montessori oral language activity. Will it be more attractive if you can show a miniature when you can't find a real elephant around you? 🙂 Our set has included real looking miniatures and matching Classified Cards!

    🐅 The set gives your child lots of opportunities to play with:
    * learning vocabulary - presenting flash cards and naming them
    * matching figurines to cards

    🐘 Classified cards are a great tool to expand your kid's vocabulary and develop logical thinking.

    🦍 Set includes:
    * 5-6 figurines (normally 5-6 cm size)
    * 5-6 flashcards 10.5*7.5cm
    * Wooden Tray is NOT included.

    🐒The thickness of our cards is like the thickness of ID cards. All sharp corners have been cut to protect kids from scratching.

Object and Card Matching

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