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Depth Perception Pegboard

    Materials: Baltic Birch tree, wood, Organic glass, natural vegetable oils

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    The Depth Perception Pegboard Set is designed to simulate depth perception and eye-hand coordination on two levels.

    This toddler material provides young children with a very interesting and valuable challenge. First, they select either a wide or a narrow long peg to fit through a hole in the thick Plexiglas top. Then the real challenge comes when the child has to aim the peg into the corresponding hole in the tray below. It is a wonderful way to develop concentration, motor planning, and visual perception skills.

    It is the ideal help for kids developing coordination of movement, hand dexterity, and fine motor and visual perception skills. Especially enhances concentration powers and hand-eye coordination in two different playing levels.

    For children over 36 months old.

    Size: 22cm x 14cm 6,5cm

    6 bigger wood plugs
    6 smaller wood plugs
    1 wood plug box

    It’s made from Baltic Birch Plywood, wood, and organic glass and treated with child, animal, and environmentally friendly natural oil.
    Tested according to DIN EN 71-3.


Depth Perception Pegboard

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