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Dusting, Washing or Polishing Shoes Activities
  • Handmade
  • Materials: wood

  •   This group of work will help children 2-6 years old to take care of their various shoes and develop their independence.

    In the IC environment, because the children are smaller, each difficulty is isolated. Thus, each work is isolated. Let your child know how to clean sandals, cloth shoes and leather shoes with different tools and methods.

    Adults need to choose a pair of shoes to clean first, ask the child to observe its state and materials, such as: dull leather shoes with a little mud, dirty PV shoes, knitted or cloth shoes etc. (Please be aware the materials of children's hoes on the market and the relevant cleaning methods.)

    Determine a pair of shoes which needs cleaning, and then go to get the appropriate tools. Get all the materials ready on the table. (Choose the child's own shoes, if not suitable, prepare several pairs of shoes made of different materials in the classroom.)

    1. IC Dusting Set includes: a brush
    2. IC Washing Set includes: a brush, a finger rag, a saucer and a dropping bottle
    3. IC Polishing Set includes: a brush, a finger rag, a polishing pad and a plastic jar (without shoe polish)

    *All the sets come with a wooden tray.

    Dusting, Washing or Polishing Shoes Activities

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