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Early education building blocks educational toys

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In addition to bringing infinite imagination and creative inspiration to children, the mysterious bag also brings children a happy classroom through game and physical teaching methods.
Educational purpose: first, let children perceive and understand the characteristics of geometric stereo group through vision and touch.
Operation method:
1. Prepare the table, invite the children to work together and introduce the work to be done in the geometry group
2. Take the teaching aids and put them in the lower right corner of the table. Take out the sphere, cube and cone and place them on the table.
3. Point to the ball and say "this is a sphere". Pick up the ball and put it in both hands to roll back and forth. Feel the shape of the ball, and pass it to the child to feel it and put it back.
4. In the same way, we know cube and cone.
5. Carry out three-stage teaching method.
6. Teaching aids return to their original position.

Early education building blocks educational toys

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