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Initial, Ending, and Medial Sound Mats
  • Handmade
  • Materials: Cotton fabric, Cotton Thread

  •   Initial and Ending sound matching Alphabet Mats are made with a sturdy cotton canvas fabric. All letters are printed on the fabric.

    👀 Please note that no objects or picture cards come with these mats.

    Each 5 letters mat is 25 inches x 25 inches

    Six letters mat is 30 inches x 25 inches

    4 x4 inches Picture cards can be used with the mat.

    They have Blue Vowels and Red Consonants.

    A Black color border around the mat.

    No letters or objects are provided with the Alphabet Roll.

    100% recycled plastic materials were used for the shipping package.

    Initial, Ending, and Medial Sound Mats

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