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3 Part Nomenclature Cards
  • Handmade
  •   The 3-parts cards are very effective and wonderful for children to access and learn new information, including vocabulary in different topics, for learning any new vocabulary. It is an effective auxiliary tool to help children strengthen their understanding of subjects. They can understand the names of different birds and the names of different parts of frogs, etc. It fully expands children's vocabulary. The 3-parts cards can be presented in any language, so they can be used to learn native languages ​​as well as various foreign languages.

    All patterns are hand-painted in watercolor and are language cards as well as works of art.

    A set includes:
    *12 picture cards
    *12 label cards in English
    *12 control cards in English
    *A box for storage

    Size: 10.5cm*13.5cm

    The price is for ONE set.

    3 Part Nomenclature Cards

    SKU: 1198417350
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