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Grasping Pegs

    Materials: pine, cherry

  •   This small wooden peg board is the perfect size for children 12 months to 2 years. This board has been designed with 3 pegs in order to help the child feel confident in being able to complete this work, while also allowing them to repeat it as many times as they choose.

    This materials helps build fine motor skills and hand eye coordinations.

    Approximately Dimensions- 5 inch base
    3 inch pegs

    Finish- We finish all of our wood products in Real Milk Paint Company’s Wood Wax. For more information about Wood Wax use this link:

    Wood- Cherry base, pine pegs

    Always be sure to use this material under adult supervision.

    Note** listing is for 1 base and 3 pegs

Grasping Pegs

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