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Seguin Board Teens and Tens with Beads

Montessori Math Toys Material For S Seguin Boards With Beads Home Edition ,Montessori Seguin Boards & Beads

Item Condition: New

Product Dimension: 11.6 X 2.6 X 2

Product Information

  • Montessori Mathematics Teaching Material Seguin Boards, Suitable For Babies Over 3 Years Old.
  • Teach Your Baby To Recognize 1-19 And 11-99 Consecutive Numbers Correctly
  • Help Children Grasp The Arrangement Of Consecutive Numbers And Understand The Sequence Of Consecutive Numbers
  • Understand The Relation Between And Ones, And The Consistency Between Quantity And The Symbol "Number" Representing Quantity

Seguin Board Teens and Tens with Beads

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