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Tool Screwing and Bolt Board
  •   Practical Life Skill toy include 4 different types of screws and quarters;
    Additional with a small wrench,a L-shaped TORX wrench and
    an L-shaped hexagon wrench.

    These are the tools that you usually need to use, so that children can learn hands-on skills in advance.
    Includes different tools, a TORX wrench and an allen wrench, and a variety of nuts and bolts for practicing
    hand-eye coordination and fine motor repeatedly screws the screws in and out of the holes.

    Very convenient to carry

    Toddler always wants to help with home DIY projects, who is very keen to learn to use real tools
    and this gives him his own little project to do in his own time.
    This is a great way for children to practice with real tools while working on dexterity & learning what fits where,
    loosening/tightening, problem solving with different tools etc.

    Nothing beats real practical materials 100% nature wood , non-toxic/environmentally friendly materials

    Beautifully made.

    Sturdy, accessible & very smooth workmanship.

    Different from ordinary plastic materialss,

    Great fine motor skills practice and hand-eye coordination which is important for
    building dexterity and future writing ability.

    This is a wonderful learning tool for toddlers whether at home or school.

    Kids will love this pattern tools.


Tool Screwing and Bolt Board

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