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Birthday Walk and Seasons Mat Combo and Labels

    Materials: Cotton Fabric, Thread

  •   🥁 🥁Kids can learn a combination of Two Montessori work exercises together, The Birthday Celebration Mat, and The four Seasons Mat.
    Montessori Celebration of Life Mat is designed to celebrate the child's Birthday in the Montessori way.
    Montessori Birthday Celebration Mat used to remember and cherish the special day of the kids that they were born. Kids can celebrate their Birthday in a school environment setting with other kids.

    This is a handmade fabric quilted mat and It has layers of fabric for more support.

    The Mat is approximately 36 inches wide. ( 91 cm) . With the Name Cards, the circle will be about 50 inches.

    👏You have an option to select 12 Months name cards and Four Seasons Name Cards with the Mat if you want them too, which are double laminated and they are durable and safe with liquids.
    Also, these name cards have rounded corners.
    Name Cards come in a reusable plastic container.

    This mat also includes Four Seasons,
    - Winter
    - Spring
    - Summer
    - Fall

    100% recycled plastic materials used for the shipping package.

Birthday Walk and Seasons Mat Combo and Labels

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