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Permanence Box with Ball-Vertical

    Materials: water based dyes, ball, non formaldehyde glue, plywood

  •   Montessori Toys, Montessori Object Permanence Box with Return Ball

    Montessori Object Permanence Box with return ball contains a plywood box with one hole and a tray.
    This Imbucare box is an attractive addition to infant & toddlers room materials. It allows Montessori infants to experience object permanence. The child will be able to understand that things do exist even if they disappear.
    This is especially for kids of 6 months to 12 months.
    Your baby has to drop the little ball into the hole in the box. The ball will roll out of the box and into the attached tray thus allowing the child to experience object permanence by seeing that the ball did not just disappear.

    It practices precise hand-eye coordination while sending information to the brain as well as develops hand, wrist and finger control. It's one of the best Montessori materials for child development.

    Size: 30 х 12 х 15 cm (11.8 x 4.7 x 5.9 ")
    Only eco materials: water-based dyes, plywood, non-formaldehyde glue.


Permanence Box with Ball-Vertical

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