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Sliding Ring Box

    Materials: Baltic Birch tree Plywood, natural vegetable oils

  •   🧸Box With Sliding Discs🧸

    A great activity to demonstrate cause and effect. The child keeps inserting discs through the slot. After a point, when each new disc is inserted a disc falls out of the slot on the dowel.
    This exercise helps children with developing coordination of hand movement, concentration of attention, thinking, and understanding of the causal relationship between actions.

    This exercise helps children with:

    * Early education,
    * Touch training,
    * Grasp ability,
    * Developing coordination of hand-eye movement,
    * Concentration of attention.

    Recommended age: start using it from around 16 months.

    The set includes 7 rings.

    Size 26x13x11 cm
    Ring size 54 dm

    It is made of Baltic birch plywood and treated with child, animal, and environmentally natural vegetable oils.
    Tested according to DIN EN 71-3
    Non-formaldehyde glue.

Sliding Ring Box

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