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Montessori Transferring Set
  • Handmade
  • Materials: wood, glass, metal, bamboo, porcelain

  •   Transferring is a staple activity in the Montessori preschool/kindergarten classroom. Students develop their fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, focus and concentration while transferring small objects from one bowl or small container to another. These activities can start with simple transferring by hand and evolve to complex activities that involve several steps.
    These small actions form the basis of many of our daily chores. They will give your child the skills to do other practical life activities like cooking, cleaning, flower arranging, etc Mastering the art of pouring water enables children to get a drink for themselves or serve one to someone else. With every learned skill their independence and self confidence grows.

    This set contains:

    - 2 x wooden bowl
    - 2 x glass bowl
    - 2 x small jugs
    - Bamboo or wooden spoon
    - Sponge
    - Syringe
    - Funnel
    - Baster
    - Cleaning cloth
    - Sieve
    - bamboo tweezer
    - metal tongs
    - Dropper with glass bottle
    - Small scoop
    - Large scoop
    - EXTRA: bamboo chopsticks!
    - OPTIONAL: tray

    ATTENTION! Because the metal funnel in the picture is no longer available, it has been replaced by a small plastic funnel.

    The items in this transferring set can get you started for the following transferring activities:

    - Transferring by hand
    - Transferring with a scoop
    - Transferring with a spoon
    - Transferring with tongs
    - Transferring with tweezers
    - Transferring and sorting (e.g. pompoms by colour)
    - Transferring liquids with a sponge
    - Transferring liquids with a dropper
    - Transferring liquids with a syringe
    - Transferring liquids with a baster
    - Separating solids from a liquid with a sieve
    - Pouring into a container
    - Pouring up to a marked line
    - Pouring with more solids/liquid than can fit in the container
    - Pouring into several containers until they are filled to the same level (without a marked line)
    - Pouring through a funnel

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    Montessori Transferring Set

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