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Weaving Mats
  • Materials: tela

  •   handmade weaving toy

    A material that works fine motor skills, requires patience and concentration of the child, stimulates eye-hand coordination, logic, gesture control, precision, and manipulation.

    Ideal for use in the classroom, in the car, the restaurant, the waiting room ....

    It is also recommended to prevent older people from losing fine motor skills, coordination and attention.

    The toy is flexible and light, and at the same time maintains its shape well thanks to the double layer of waterproof fabric used for the base. It measures 20x21 cm and comes with 6 fixed strips, and another 6 strips that are left loose (no snaps) or closed with a resin snap button (snaps). Solid colors are used to isolate the task.

    It can be washed by hand or machine (30ºC).

    Recommended age: 3 to 99 years

Weaving Mats

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