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Montessori Wooden Ball Tracker | Baby & Toddler Developmental Toy| Visual Track
  • Handmade
  • Materials: Solid American Beech Wood

  •   Montessori Developmental Toy for Toddlers from 12 months and older

    Objectives - This Ball Race Tracker is a perfect gift for toddlers. It helps your little one:
    + Practices hand-eye coordination.
    + Encourage movement and builds visual tracking skills critical for preschool reading.
    + Tracking is an important skill for babies and toddlers to develop. Everything from language development, reading skills depends on eye strength.
    + Bring a lot of fun to your little one as they watch each balls roll down the ramp.

    ✓ Solid American Beechwood Tracker (12" x 12")

    ✓ 1.8 inches Balls Options (choose one):

    4 Color Balls in red, yellow, green, and blue/ or

    6 Rainbow Balls

    6 Pastel Balls

    6 Beechwood Balls

    **Disclaimer: Please be aware that the capabilities of each child are different. This is an educational product, and it requires adult supervision at all time. Although these toys are designed as safe and fun for the kids to play with to enhance their abilities. It is important to note that it’s still a wooden toy and slightly heavy, might cause minor injury if being knocked over with excessive force and land on your body parts. You should never leave the little one alone unsupervised with any of our wooden products.

    **Please check your item when arrived for any defectives/damages/missing parts. Any defectives/damages/missing parts claims MUST be made within 5 days of receiving your items. In the rare case that the toy is functionally defective, we are happy to repair or replace it at no charge. We ask that you send us photos of the defective toy so we can better understand what went wrong.

    Montessori Wooden Ball Tracker | Baby & Toddler Developmental Toy| Visual Track

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