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Object with Phonogram Cards
  • Handmade
  • Materials: felt, plastic, resin, metal, paper

  •   "To make himself heard, man no longer depended on the volume of his voice. With the alphabet he could be heard from one continent to another, from yesterday to tomorrow. He could reach people distant in space and in time. Without uttering a sound—in silence—his thoughts could be heard all over the world at the same time."

    - Mario Montessori, quoting his mother

    This first independent reading activity allows children to experience an "ah-ha" moment when they discover they can understand someone else's thoughts.

    After "writing" lots of words with the Movable Alphabet, children will be ready to "read" labels and match them to small objects. Durable, waterproof labels. Ages 5½+.

    Set includes:
    * 10 Assorted Objects (randomly from below)
    * Corresponding Word Labels
    * A Box to store the small objects (optional)

    Includes: fish, pouch, tree, yarn, boot, book, popcorn, bee, pail, pie, boat, car, tart, sweets, cloth, boy, toast, cork, quiz, shell, sheep, goat ... .

    Please note: Items may vary from those shown.

    Object with Phonogram Cards

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