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Gluing Activity
  • Handmade
  • Materials: wood, PVC

  •   Paste is used less and less in daily life, but the process of applying paste with a brush can make children have more complex continuous movements and require more patience.

    Cutting and gluing are two basic manual skills and are also works that children can remain interested in.
    Here is a work kit that helps children paste independently,
    It can not only help children develop continuous movement and behavior habits, but also improve their patience and concentration.
    This series of artisanal materials is designed for children aged 2-6. It can be used at home and in school.

    Paste Box includes:
    * a wooden box with 9 components and a lid
    * a small glass jar for paste
    * a brush
    * a brush rest
    * a small wipe cloth
    * NO background paper or pattern paper

    Gluing Activity

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