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Seasonal Punch Card (Digital File)
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  •   Included in this set is 19 pages of half page pin punching cards.

    The set features pages for all four seasons in varying difficulty.

    Pin poking works just as well with plain printer paper as it does on card stock, so print on whatever you prefer. Use the guidelines to cut and present to your child with a poking tool and poking surface. There are tools just for poking available online but the most popular, and our favorite is the jumbo push pins available online or in office supply stores. These pins encourage a good pencil grip and are generally speaking a bit safer than the larger, sharper poking tools. Many things can be used underneath the paper like a scrap piece of cork board, or a couple pieces of cardboard. Another option that works great under the papers is a soft pad like a piece of foam or something like a pot holder.

Seasonal Punch Card (Digital File)

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