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Sensory Table, Activity Table, Water and Sand Table without Bins
  • Handmade
  • Materials: hornbeam wood, Wooden, linden wood

  •   The activity table is the indispensable furniture of children's rooms. The sensory table, which is frequently used in Montessori education, makes important contributions to the development of children. Wooden children's table is suitable for water and sand games. It has a double chamber section and a water-based polish. The table, which is completely handcrafted, can also be prepared for outdoor use. The surface may vary according to the color tone and patterns of the wood. The table is rectangular and has a lid. It can be used as a large craf table when the lid is closed.
    The table is compatible with ikea trofasts.

    🤩There are many reasons why you should purchase this activity table and chairs from us.

    Linden wood is used to make the table set ( 1st class and totally organic)
    EN71 certified water based varnish is used which is harmless to children’s health and water proof.
    Curved edges for your kid’s safety.
    The table is multifunctional. You can use it as art table, weaning table, play table

    It is easy to clean.
    Conforms to the Montessori method.
    Easy to install, just legs needs to be put on.

    ✔ Indoor use

    Bins can be filled what your child wants, for example, with water or sand, or toys. You should ensure that all mediums and materials are safe and won’t present a choking hazard ( like little buttons, sand and so on) Playing with your children is a great way to not only keep them safe, but to also encourage them to investigate and explore.

    Product features:

    All the materials we use in our product never harm your children's health.
    First class linden and hornbeam wood used in the table top and the seat of the chair. Feet are made entirely of natural wood. There is water-based polish on it.The paint used is also water-based.

    Reminding; like other living things, trees too are not perfect. There may be color and texture differences due to the natural form of the wood. Also the form of the wood may change depending on the air environment it is exposed to.

    Customs duty on shipments to Canada and European Union countries is not included in the price.

    Product Dimensions


    Width: 22,82'' (58 cm)
    Length: 30,7'' (78 cm)
    Height: 17,71'' (45 cm)


    Height: 13'' (33cm)
    Lenght: 10,23'' (26 cm)
    Widht : 10,23'' (26 cm)


    Height: 9.8'' (25cm)
    Lenght: 9.8'' (25 cm)
    Widht : 9.8'' (25 cm)

    Sensory Table, Activity Table, Water and Sand Table without Bins

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