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Sound Boxes Matching Activity

    Materials: water based dyes, plywood, non formaldehyde glue, Eco friendly materials

  •   Sound Boxes

    Develop children's ability to persevere sounds. Build matching, concentration, and memory skills. Children shake wooden cube to hear their unique sounds and find its match. Color code for self checking.
    Child choose & shake one cube close to their ear, listening intently for how soft or loud it is. Next, they take another cube closest to them, shake and listen, and determine if it is the same as their chosen cube. If it is not, they set it off to the side, and try the next box. If it does match, they can set cube and matching another cube in between the boxes, indicating they have found a match.

    The Set has 6 sound pairs:
    1. empty pairs
    2. pairs with small groats
    3. pairs with large cereal
    4. pairs with peas
    5. pairs with glass balls
    6. pairs with coins

    Age: 3 years +
    Size: 34 х 26 х 10 cm ( 13.4 x 10.2 x 3.9 ")

    Only eco materials: water-based dyes, plywood, non-formaldehyde glue.


Sound Boxes Matching Activity

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