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Pincer Grip Activity

    Materials: ceramic, pom pom

  •   This is a classic learning material for young children for 2 to 3 years old, in school or at home. The Stuffing work practices pincer grip movements, as well as coloring pairing and sense of order. It is an indirect preparation for hand writing later on.

    In the process of teaching 2-year-old children, the designer innovatively configured this material based on the characteristics of children's likes to "stuff" and "dig", combined with the
    children’s developmental needs of pincer grip by using index finger and thumb, chromatic sense, and logical thinking of pairing.

    The set includes:
    * Flower pot base
    * 9 Pom pom
    * 1 Saucer
    * 1 Tray

Pincer Grip Activity

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