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Texture Matching Tiles

    Materials: wood, poplar plywood, non toxic paint, child safe finish

  •   The material contains 8 tiles with different textures (sandpaper, sackcloth, cork, fabric, eco leather, etc.) and a base with a preset pattern.

    This material helps the child develop the following skills:
    -tactile perceptions;
    -identifying and differentiating;
    -builds the vocabulary and recognition of rough and smooth, soft and hard;
    -stimulates memorization;
    -develops speech and social skills.

    This tactile material can be used when the child has his eyes closed or blindfolded. You can also place the tiles in a bag. The goal is to find the tile you are looking for and to arrange it on the base according to the predefined model.

    Gently touch the child with one of the tiles while their eyes are closed. The movement must be light and caressing in order to be able to feel the texture. The goal is then to guess which tile it was based on the feeling. Complicate the task by using 2 or 3 different tiles in a row.

    Age: 3+

    Material: Poplar plywood, sandpaper, sackcloth, cork etc

    Size: base 30 х 14 cm, tiles measure 3,5 х 7 cm/ base 12 x 5.5 in, tiles 1.40 X 2.80 in


Texture Matching Tiles

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