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Water Transferring Activities

    Materials: sponge, glass, plastic

  •   Compared with solids, water is more attractive to children aged 2 to 4 and requires greater concentration, motor control and patience.

    This is a set of basic movements of pouring water, suitable for IC (1.5-3 years old) and CASA (3-6 years old) environment.

    In the professional Montessori classroom, we will choose glassware, which is beautiful and delicate and very attractive
    to children. More importantly, the glass is fragile, so that children can be more careful and focused. If your child accidentally breaks it, teach them to ask the teacher for help. But if you‘re at home or in some non-Montessori classrooms, we recommend a clear melamine container.

    Please be aware that the Melamine Tray needs to be ordered separately. 

    Tray 23*16cm: yellow, purple
    Tray 25.5*19cm: white, pink, blue, green and yellow

Water Transferring Activities

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