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Ball Run

    Materials: Baltic birch plywood, beech wood ball, natural vegetable oils

  •   🎈Wooden Ball Run Board 🎈

    This material was designed to help children learn the concepts of motion, speed, and gravity through play.
    The ball board can be used either by simply placing it on a flat floor or by supporting it on a pad. When playing on a flat surface, use a ball or other toy objects, as well as small cars or trains that can be pushed by hand through the maze.

    By supporting the ball board at different heights, children can observe the speed of the balls. Using a different lighter or heavier material for the ball race will be exciting to watch the variation in their rolling speed.

    Recommended age: start using it from around 18 months.

    The set includes 1 wooden board and 3 beechwood balls.

    Size 84 x 27 x 2,4 cm
    Size balls (50mm).

    It is made of Baltic birch plywood and treated with child, animal, and environmentally friendly natural oil (Tested DIN EN 71-3)
    Beechwood balls.

Ball Run

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