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Wooden Rolling Pin
  •   Does your child have a fascination with play dough and enjoys manipulating materials? Our wooden rolling pin offers a natural means to explore the transformation schema. Schemas are simply your child's natural desire to learn that helps them understand how things work. With the transformation schema, they're learning about different forms of matter and how materials change state.

    * (1) 8" x 2" solid Beech wood rolling pin
    * Food safe finish

    Schemas are patterns of repetitive behavior that children display through play as they discover and understand the world around them. You may have seen a child line up objects in a row, carry too many things with their hands, or persistently throw things in the air. While it may appear like an obsession or misbehavior, schemas are healthy, natural urges that children exhibit to help them comprehend how things work, and make sense of the world. These patterns of behavior can be organized into schemas of play such as connecting, orientation, positioning, trajectory, transporting, enveloping, and enclosing. By recognizing these schemas, parents can identify their child's interests and provide learning opportunities that support their developmental needs.

    “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn.” – Maria Montessori

    As with natural products, there may be some slight discoloration, cracks, splits and variations in size and shape.

Wooden Rolling Pin

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